Healthcare Dumbwaiters

Maintaining Security and Sterility with Space Saving Dumbwaiters & Material Lifts

Healthcare Industry

In the healthcare industry the installation of dumbwaiters provides security, a sterile environment, plus superior labor and space savings. Dumbwaiters are particularly effective vs. elevators given they will keep critical items secure, contained, efficiently moved, and void of contamination and risk to others.

Dumbwaiters transport a wide range of items and provide exceptional efficiencies including movement of:   medical specimens, pharmacy medications, surgical carts, laundry, including equipment such as oxygen tanks, and food services.

Healthcare Products


St. Vincent De Paul

Baton Rouge, LA

Space on the main floor was at a premium and security was a concern, so a dumbwaiter was employed in order for the hospital to dispense and deliver meds between the main floor small work station and the second floor where the bulk of the supplies were stored and prepared.


Children’s Medical Center of Dallas

Dallas, TX

Four Matot dumbwaiter units were installed to move surgical case carts from the central sterilization room in the basement to the surgery rooms on the upper floors. Two dumbwaiters were tasked with moving the sterile carts to the surgeries while the other two were tasked with moving the dirty back down.


Centre Hospitalier de L’Universite de Montreal

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The dumbwaiters are part of a new patient oriented food delivery system designed to better accommodate patient needs. These units allow a freshly prepared diet-specific meal to be delivered immediately after surgery.


Alexian Brothers Medical Center

Elk Grove Village, IL

The units were intended to move large items from the loading dock to and between two hospital wings, moving items such as oxygen tanks, and medical equipment. The dumbwaiter units Matot designed had openings that were front, rear and front to accommodate the floors of the new wing addition not lining up.


VA Hospital, Little Rock

Little Rock, AR

Matot modernized dumbwaiter and cart lift systems with state-of-the-art energy saving equipment to help the hospital better manage the flow of materials.

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