Case Studies


Macy’s Flagship Store

Manhattan, NY

Macy’s iconic flagship store in Manhattan, the world’s largest, recently completed a four year $400 million dollar renovation. Matot was tasked with customizing a solution to move both high volume and high value retail items from the basement store room to the individual department levels.


Boeing 777X Wing Plant

Everett, WA

This massive 1.3 million square foot building is the largest manufacturing facility in the world. In a project of this size and scope, efficiency for the workers is always a key concern. Matot was proud to lend a hand in improving efficiency at this facility by manufacturing a custom material lift to move food and other cargo safely and efficiently between the first and second floors.



This Matot residential dumbwaiter served three floors including the garage, main floor and upstairs bedrooms. The dumbwaiter was used from the garage to the main floor for kitchen grocery movement and firewood in the winter. The unit also moved laundry from the upstairs bedrooms to the main floor laundry room. The unit was modified without doors so that the builder could supply swing doors matching the existing cabinet doors throughout.


Skywalker Ranch, CA

Skywalker Ranch, CA

This dumbwaiter was installed at George Lucas’s Skywalker Ranch. The unit was installed to move food from the kitchen to the semi-formal dining room at the ranch.


Governor’s Mansion of Richmond VA

Governor’s Mansion of Richmond VA

This unit was installed at the Governor's Mansion in Richmond Virginia. The unit was installed to move food from the kitchen to the semi-formal dining room. The dumbwaiter was featured on the Bob Villa show.

Food Service / Hospitality

Wynn Casino, Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

A Wynn Casino bar needed to move supplies from a basement store room to the main bar area. Matot built a dumbwaiter with under-counter capability, which meant that it needed very little room above the top of the car. This feature allowed the dumbwaiter to come up underneath the bar itself. This feature made it extremely convenient for the bar staff to get supplies from the storeroom below.

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