Automatic Load/Unload Tote Lifts

A Tote Lift is a completely automated solution for small load vertical material handling

Automatic Load/Unload Tote Lifts combine Matot’s expertise with vertical transport and the efficiency of a horizontal conveyor or transfer table.  A typical dumbwaiter or material lift needs to have a person or a fork lift directly load and unload it.  However Matot’s Automatic Load/Unload Tote Lift System no longer needs a worker to be present in order to operate the dumbwaiter.

Tote Lift transfer systems are easy to operate.  Material is placed in a protective box and set on the transfer table.  The operator simply presses the appropriate floor dispatch button.  When the dumbwaiter car arrives, the door opens automatically.  The car-mounted transfer device engages the load/unload receiving table to load the tote box into the car.  When the lift arrives at it’s destination, the door opens and the tote box is unloaded smoothly and quietly. Personnel are not required for unloading.  

These units are ideally suited for pharmaceutical and mail distribution, however Tote Lifts can transport an almost endless variety of materials safely and productively.  They are adaptable and can be re-programmed to maximize material handling flow patterns as needed.   These systems are user-friendly, with indicator lights at stations to confirm dispatches and arrivals while identifying interruptions for quick corrections.  Automatic Load/Unload Tote Lifts require minimal floor space, relieving elevator, plant floor and hallway congestion.  Most importantly, these units are reliable.  They have been tried and proven over decades.



Product Features

Lift distance minimum 18 inches with unlimited maximum travel

Standard speed 50 feet/minute up to 300 feet/minute

Weight capacity: Individual totes or material should be limited to about 50 lbs for ease of removal from conveyor/transfer table

Overall the capacity of the vertical lift equipment can be up to 2500 lbs

Two opening configurations: single or opposite sides

UL listed door locks

Appropriate for occasional duty or continuous duty

Elevator precision guide rails

UL Fire Rated, Power operated, bi-parting or slide up doors and gates are motorized so they open and close automatically when the system is in use

Variable frequency and vector based drive systems for incredibly smooth travel and ultra precise stopping and starting

Architectural Grade stainless steel or primed finishes

Commercial grade construction throughout

Performance proven drive systems to match your application requirements

UL approved microprocessor control systems

Equipment complies with all national code requirements ANSI A17.1 as well as CSA B44

Optional Features

  • Security Systems
  • Key locks
  • Keypads
  • Interfaces to external security systems
  • Custom controls to suit material flow requirements of your building
  • Self Supporting Tower
    • Structure consisting of four corner angles rigidly braced to support unit and avoid imposing loads except at base

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