Experts in Modernizing and Renovating Any Operating or Non-Operating Dumbwaiters

Modernizing Existing Vertical Lift Equipment

Matot is the expert in the modernization and renovation of obsolete, non-operating or underperforming dumbwaiters. We can help estimate the revenue benefits behind revitalizing old equipment vs. complete replacement.

  • Let us to provide quick, no-hassle quotes with reliable recommendations on how to upgrade older Matot equipment.
  • Or provide quotes and recommendations for non-Matot dumbwaiters.

Note: Often we can locate OEM parts, which were previously thought to be unavailable.

Product Features

Replace old controllers

Replace MG sets and obsolete floor switches with modern PLC controllers

Replace VVF drives and tape selectors.

Replace old selective vertical conveyors with modern vertical material handling systems.

Replace worn hoistway entrances.

Renovate or replace power door/gate equipment.

Restore material handling equipment to current code compliance.

Change non-operating or obsolete automatic cart transfer systems to manual load systems or restore the transfer operation.

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Download Masterspec

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