Our Process

At Matot, we are committed to solving architects and our customers evolving needs.

Process Overview

More than 130 years of experience goes into designing, manufacturing and delivering the lift solution you need. Matot can create the vertical system that fits what you want to lift. We supply the expertise and all the parts for maintenance and upgrades. Please click on the “pushbuttons” below to view our process.

Step One


We think creatively and precisely when it comes to design and developing drawings to meet your architectural needs. We treat dumbwaiters and lift solutions as an integral necessity to many commercial and residential sites, in both form and functionality. We at Matot work closely with architects and customers to provide the correct dumbwaiter solution for your application.



Our engineering team goes to work and develops preliminary drawings for review. CAD drawings can be submitted to the customer in 24 hours or less. If there is a ship date at this point, it is noted. The dumbwaiter will be scheduled when the drawings are marked as "Approved" by the customer. Our typical lead times are 6 to 8 weeks after approved drawings are submitted to Matot.

Step Three

Quality Manufacturing

The dumbwaiter, material lift, cart lift or auto load/unload equipment progresses through our shop floor from cutting, forming, welding, electrical, final assembly and lastly to crating. Quality assurance is performed at critical steps throughout our manufacturing process, with a final check before crating. When the dumbwaiter is ready to ship, the customer is contacted and delivery is scheduled.

Step Four


Matot has an established, international network of distribution partners dedicated to a professional level of installation and local support. We can recommend the Matot distributor in your area or work directly with your preferred sub-contractor. After installation, we continue to provide parts and lifetime phone support while the Elevator Company provides the service and maintenance.

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