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3 phase vs 1 phase & what they are
3 phase power has 3 sine waves of electric current – typically commercial power supply. 1 phase has 1 sine wave of current – typical residential power supply.

Access Door
A swing door mounted at the machine location in the shaft wall for service/maintenance of the hoist machine.

Access Door Switch
An electrical switch to shut off power when the access door is opened.

Access Switch
Same as above.

Adjacent Opening
A dumbwaiter with hoistway doors at front and side locations.

American Institute of Architects. The leading architectural association for accrediting architects.

Alarm Station
A fixture station inside a material lift with a stop switch and alarm bell pushbutton

Angle Towers
A supporting angle skeleton inside hoistways to support dumbwaiter guide rails when rail brackets cannot be supported by the shaft walls.

ANSI A17.1
American National Standards Institute USA Elevator Code

Approval Drawings
Shop drawings submitted for approval to be manufactured

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Automatic Call & Send
Typical dumbwaiter operation with one pushbutton for each floor served by the dumbwaiter located at each floor.

Automatic Load & Unload
An operation where carts or tote boxes containing materials to transport are automatically loaded or unloaded on or off the dumbwaiter.

B Labeled Door
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 90-minute fire rating for hoistway doors.

B.20.1 Code
USA national conveyor code

B44 Codes
Canadian national elevator code

A term for a group of operating pushbuttons at a dumbwaiter landing.

Inserts of sleeve inserts which allow sheaves or shafts to rotate freely without heat or friction

Bill of Lading
A shipping document that allows common carriers to legally transport goods

Bi-Parting Door
A vertical sliding hoistway door where half slides upward and half slides downward to open.

See the Bill of Lading above.

Bolt Together
Components which are held together by bolts or screws and not by welds.

Attachment pieces that mount dumbwaiter guide rails to shaft walls.

Brake motor
A hoist motor that contains an elevator safety brake mounted internally.

Broken Cable Safety
A device that locks the car enclosure onto the guide rails if the hoist cables slacken or break.

Broken Cable Safety Counterweight
A device that locks the counterweight onto the guide rails if the hoist cables slacken or break.

Budget Pricing
A rough guess or a ballpark price instead of a firm price.

Cable Shackles
A device which is a means of connecting the hoist cables to a car sling, car enclosure or a counterweight.

Computer-assisted drafting. 2-dimensional computer-generated shop drawing

Car guide rails on one side of the shaft only as opposed to guiding rails on 2 sides of the shaft.

The maximum weight allowed to be carried on a dumbwaiter.

Car Enclosure
The cargo-carrying component of a dumbwaiter which travels up and down in the shaft.

Same as above.

Car Light
A light that is mounted in the walls or top of the car enclosure.

Car Mounted Sensors
Sensors which are provided with automatic load/unload lifts to determine if a cart or tote box is properly loaded inside the car enclosure.

Car Mounted Transfer Device
The device or mechanism which automatically loads/unloads the cart or tote box into/out of the car enclosure.

Car Sling
A steel frame which is suspended by the hoist cables and holds the car enclosure.

Car Top
The top of the car enclosure

Car Top Alarm Bell
An alarm warning bell mounted atop the car enclosure that sounds when any alarm button is pressed.

Car Top Inspection Station
A car top device which allows a service mechanic to run the car while riding atop the car for service, inspection and/or maintenance.

Car Top Sheaves
Car top-mounted cable deflector pulleys under which the hoist cables pass.

Card Reader
A type of security device which restricts dumbwaiter users to authorized personnel only.

A type of platform which carries a car enclosure.

A wheeled container that carries material and can be pushed into a dumbwaiter for transport to another floor.

Cart Bumper Strips
Nylon surface mounted strips attached to the car enclosure walls to prevent carts from scratching the car walls when pushing the carts onto the dumbwaiter.

Chicago Elevator Association

Canadian Elevator Contractors Association

Central Dispatch
An operation where there is a single hall station with pushbuttons for the other landings and no send capability at the other landings.

Circuit Breaker
A device to break the electric current of a circuit.

Clean Room
An environment with restrictions regarding airborne particulate emissions

Clear Overhead
The distance from the finished floor at an upper landing to the underside of the shaft ceiling or lowest point of obstruction at the top of the shaft.

Closed-Loop Feedback
A sensing device that provides the lift controller with information regarding the car position and FPM speed.

CMU Masonry
Cement Masonry Unit. A cement block wall type that can be used for dumbwaiter shaft construction.

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