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Why Choose Matot Dumbwaiters & Lifts?

Matot has been helping people move materials and goods of any size, shape and weight since 1888.

Utilized within residential properties and a multitude of industries and environments, Matot products enable you to move practically anything up and down with ease, efficiency, safety and reliability.

Our success is reliant on the most advanced technology available today and a skilled and experienced team, and we’re committed to creating highly functional dumbwaiters, material lifts and VRC‘s for your specific needs.

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130+ Years of Experience

Over 50,000 completed projects in multiple industries.

Custom, Cost-effective Solutions

Made with your design and your customer’s lift needs in mind.

Proudly Women Owned

Certified by Women’s Business Enterprise National Counsel.

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Dumbwaiter & Lift Products from Matot

What are you going to lift today? What is the weight of the materials or size of the items that need to be moved? What is the available space in the building? How many floors or what distance will the material need to travel? 

These are just some of the important questions that need answers before your project starts. Matot has the experience to help you determine the best solution for your custom dumbwaiter or lift application and can expertly guide you through the entire custom planning and manufacturing process.

In addition to function, aesthetics are also a priority for Matot as much as they are for any architect or designer. Varied finishes, button styles and frames, doors, security systems and keypads are available. A range of standard and optional features exist to provide the exact unit you need for your project.

Ready to get started? Explore Matot dumbwaiter and lift products or learn more about our process.

Matot Customers

All Matot Dumbwaiter & Lifts are UL Certified.

El Tiempo Cantina

The Matot dumbwaiter is a critical part of our daily operations.

James Sullivan

El Tiempo Cantina

Sleepy Hollow Middle School

The Matot material Lift greatly increases the efficiency of the school dining staff. With an enrollment of over 1200, we are very busy at lunch.

Jane Addams

Sleepy Hollow Middle School

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Our Planning Center has everything from basic information to final drawings.

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