Clean Room Dumbwaiters

Providing Safety & Security in Sensitive & Hazardous Environments

Custom-Made Dumbwaiters for Clean Room Environments from Matot

From healthcare facilities to technology manufacturers, dumbwaiter units are extremely important within sensitive environments. Clean room dumbwaiter units often demand special electrical systems, explosion proof containment, and control over air circulation, spillage and contamination. When sterile conditions, safety, security and labor efficiencies are the requirement, you need a partner you can trust.

Matot has been building high-quality dumbwaiters and material lifts since 1888. Our commitment to creating industry-leading products, coupled with our experience and skill, makes Matot a company you can trust to develop a reliable, effective clean dumbwaiter that works as designed. Learn more about the specialized clean room dumbwaiters Matot develops for companies such as Texas Instruments.

The Mechanics & Specs of Matot Clean Room Dumbwaiters

Clean room dumbwaiters from Matot are custom designed, engineered and manufactured by Matot based on your project’s exact specifications. Just as with every Matot product, our clean room dumbwaiters can be created at varying height/length/width, travel an unlimited distance, function in a variety of locations (at counter or floor level, and open on up to three sides), and typically requiring a standard 220V current. Interested in learning more? Review some sample elevation and plan view dumbwaiter drawings.

Custom Dumbwaiters Since 1888

Matot has been designing and manufacturing dumbwaiters for a range of different industrial and commercial facilities for well over a century. Discover how our experience and skill guides planning in the dumbwaiter design process or contact the Matot team about your project today. 

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