Matot “Smart Door” Automation

Enhanced Dumbwaiter Door Operation

Leading edge "Smart Door" technology for commercial dumbwaiters and material lifts

Matot is proud to present the industry’s first complete power dumbwaiter door operating system to provide added reliability and performance for clients for years to come. 

With a high-tech reliable design, this Smart Door technology provides first of its kind features such as: 

  • Individual operators for each hoistway door and car gate. 
  • Variable speed motors controllers

View the informational video below to learn more about the benefits of smart door technology. 

Product Features

Hi-tech, reliable design features individual operator for each hoistway door and car gate

Factory adjusted operators lift doors from both sides for stable operation

Variable speed motor controllers provide smooth operation and precise control

Individual motors improve reliability, installation and alignment issues

Tolerant of hoistway imperfections

Networked CAN-Bus control option for Matot “Smart Door” operation

Simplified wiring

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