Dumbwaiters & Lifts for Maritime Vessels & Oil Rig Use

Versatility in Compact Areas of Ships To Improve Efficiency & Safety

Maritime & Oil Rig Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters are an essential application in maritime vessels and oil rigs. Versatility is key and units from Matot are designed to handle a wide variety of materials and needs and can do so reliably and effectively in compact areas.

Ships require the ability to easily transport food, laundry and supplies. Dumbwaiters provide the security, convenience and labor savings required, making your choice of a company to plan, design and build a custom dumbwaiter a critical decision.

Custom Dumbwaiters Since 1888

Matot has been designing and manufacturing dumbwaiters for well over a century. Discover how our experience and skill in crafting high-quality, custom dumbwaiter and lift solutions for maritime and oil rig use will be an immense benefit to your project – Get in touch with the Matot team to get started on your custom dumbwaiter project today or keep reading to learn about our material lifts, dumbwaiter products and offerings. 

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Matot Dumbwaiters & Lifts for Ships & Oil Rigs

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