Why Matot?

130 Years of Timeless Functionality

More than 130 years of experience goes into designing, manufacturing and delivering the vertical lift solution you need. Matot  can create the  system that fits what you want to lift. We supply the expertise plus all the parts for maintenance and upgrades. 

  • At Matot, we are national code experts.   You can feel confident that we will manufacture equipment that meets all national codes.  In addition, we are extremely knowledgeable regarding most state and large municipal codes as well as many local ones.  We can guide you through these rules and regulations with minimal hassle.  
  • Our equipment is designed to run continually, limited only by the load/unload time and speed to deliver items.
  • We produce solutions that lift virtually any items unlimited distances
  • Matot manufactures power doors and gates as well as counter and floor loading systems
  • We offer free lifetime phone support 
  • Our company designs, builds and programs all of our equipment and ships you a complete system.  Matot does not sub-contract out for any of our components, unlike our competitors.  The Matot difference is our quality engineering in all departments and the control we have over the manufacturing process, including electrical.  
  • Our family business was founded on offering the best commercial dumbwaiter and vertical lift solutions possible. This means our dumbwaiters last longer than the lifetime of a building and are built to take a beating. 


Senior Matot employees are members of the National Dumbwaiter Code Committee.  When you purchase our equipment, you also purchase our expertise on national code related issues.  While codes vary locally, municipally and from state to state, we have done business nationally for decades and are familiar with many code related complexities that can arise.

All Matot products are fully compliant with ANSI A17.1 and CSA B44

Dumbwaiter doors are UL Fire Rated up to 2 hours

Electrical and electronic components are UL Listed

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