Food Service / Hospitality

Providing Convenience, Safety and Efficiency with Dumbwaiters

Food Service/Hospitality Industry

Restaurants, food service and the hospitality industry, are the original applications for dumbwaiters.  Any business, on more than 1 level,  that serves food and drink can rely  on the convenience, safety and efficiencies that Matot equipment provides.  Matot dumbwaiters are built to be in continual use and to take a beating!

Dumbwaiters contribute significant labor savings in restaurants, bars, banquet halls,  hotels, country clubs – basically anywhere food is served on more than 1 floor.   They reduce the need for kitchens on multiple levels, and deliver a sanitary environment.   Some common uses for material  lifts and dumbwaiters include:  prepared food, dishes & silverware,  bar ware, kegs, linens, cleaning supplies, and bulk items to name a few. 

The safety aspect of dumbwaiters cannot be overlooked.  Keeping servers with heavy trays off stairs greatly reduces the chance for injuries, bottle necks and potentially disastrous interactions with guests in crowded stairways. 



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