Devon Seafood

Devon Seafood

Size: 24” W x 24” D x 36” H; Capacity: 250 lbs.; Counter Loading; Serving 2 Floors
Benefits: Convenience/Labor savings/Safety/Extra dining space/Sterile conditions

Devon Seafood Restaurant required two dumbwaiter units to service upper and lower floor needs, moving prepared food from the lower kitchen area to the upper dining/bar area and move the dirty dishes back down to the kitchen wash area. Likewise the bar was able to send drinks down to the lower dining area off of the kitchen location.

The Matot dumbwaiters served a range of purposes. The dumbwaiter allowed the restaurant needing only one kitchen area, rather than a kitchen on each level. This delivered a considerable cost savings. The kitchen would have taken up approximately 300sq ft while the dumbwaiters took up only 27 sq ft, approximately 1/10th the floor space. The extra room was devoted to additional dining tables. Finally, this avoided the staff having to carry food up and down stairs, which was safer and reduced labor costs. The elevator was used for patrons only, separating the material and human traffic. This allowed for better logistics and less exposure to contamination.

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