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Custom designed and built to fit your needs.


Custom designed and built dumbwaiters, material lifts, VRC’s, cart lifts and automatic load/unload tote equipment to fit your needs.  We at Matot work with you to to determine what you need to lift, the size of the materials, how far they need to go and available space in the building.

Matot has a full line of vertical material handling equipment to suit any and every application. From carrying dirty dishes in a restaurant,  to transporting monkeys in a zoo, to a sterile clean room in a micro-chip manufacturing plant we can move whatever you have in mind.

With tens of thousands of working dumbwaiters throughout the U.S. and Canada, we provide equipment that is durable, reliable and efficient.  Matot dumbwaiters are the most requested and trusted in North America. We follow all applicable codes and will expertly guide you through the process of selecting the best solution for your vertical transportation needs.

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Products Defined by Code

All of our products are defined by code and we at Matot, Inc. are code experts who will work with you to determine the appropriate lift for your needs. In addition, we modernize all vertical lift equipment and provide parts for everything we produce.

Hotel Dumbwaiter - Broadmoor Hotel

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