Since 1888

In the 130 plus years since Duffy Matot first began and inspired the legacy, Matot has kept pace with today’s ever-evolving technology and is now the primary commercial dumbwaiter manufacturer in the U.S.  What has not changed throughout its storied history is the family-owned and operated business model: a collaborative, customized approach to its customers’ needs and commitment to offering the highest quality commercial grade lift solutions to a multitude of industries.

As Owner Cece Matot points out, “In our 130 plus years, we have seen it all, from ropes and pulleys to today’s high-speed dumbwaiters with digital technology. Matot’s teams of sales, manufacturing and customer service professionals ensure that materials are moved the right way, safely and efficiently”.

Matot Leadership

Matot Owners and Executives

Anne B. Matot

Owner, Vice Chairman of the Board

Cathryn “Cece” M. Matot

Owner, Chairman of the Board

Jim Piper


Scott Holat

Vice President, Sales

Theresa Fitzgerald

Vice President, Finance

Samantha Kolker

Sales Associate

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