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Crafting and engineering the best dumbwaiters available.

Old School Craftsmanship. New Age Technology.

Since 1888, Matot has manufactured the finest dumbwaiter and lift solutions products available.

MatotOur experience is backed by over a century of craftsmanship. We design and build every model on premise. We introduced state-of-the-art engineering in its infancy and to this day back every product we build with our promise of quality – Matot’s family tradition for more than 130 years. Matot is the only company to offer free designs and lifetime tech support.

Matot’s manufacturing plant houses the latest in lift solution technology. Centrally located just west of Chicago, serving clients in North America and worldwide, Matot’s collaborative approach ensures the right solution for each unique client. We handle all stages of the product cycle on-site so all areas of quality assurance is monitored 24/7.

Superior dumbwaiter and lift solutions require products and services that clients rely on for the long run. Architects, contractors, and distributors know from experience that all Matot dumbwaiters and related equipment are backed by a level of quality and service well beyond its competitors.

dumbwaiter companiesWhen it comes to moving material in space-conscious construction and tight retrofit applications Matot can fill the requirements. Among other lift and dumbwaiter companies, we are the choice for lifting items up to ANY height and the only company providing units that can accommodate UNLIMITED trips daily as well as UNLIMITED travel. Our heaviest duty unit travels unlimited feet at speeds up to 300 feet per minute.

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