Boeing 777X Wing Plant

Matot Material Lift Increases Staff Efficiency at Boeing

Boeing 777X Wing Plant

The Boeing 777X Wing Plant is primarily designed to build large composite fiber wings for the next generation of Boeing aircraft. Located in the green hills of Everett, WA, this massive 1.3 million square foot building is the largest manufacturing facility in the world. The ultra-modern wings produced here are the largest carbon fiber wings ever built, and have unique 11 foot folding wing tips which allow the 777X aircraft to fit into airport gates currently used by 777 aircraft. Designed by BRPH Architects, this state-of-the-art facility will employ over 1200 highly skilled workers and include three massive aircraft bays.

In a project of this size and scope, efficiency for the workers is always a key concern. Matot was proud to lend a hand in improving efficiency at this facility by manufacturing a custom material lift to move food and other cargo safely and efficiently between the first and second floors.

Installed by Thyssen Krupp Elevators out of Bellevue, WA, the Matot Model 840 Material Lift is 48 inches wide, 72 inches deep and has a height of 72 inches. With a 1200 lb capacity, this custom designed Matot material lift can manage large loads between floors and transports pallets, carts and boxes. The 20 second travel time between floors ensures that cargo and food is transported quickly, freeing up employees to perform other tasks and greatly increasing overall employee safety and efficiency.

Matot is proud to provide an efficient cargo delivery system that will be an integral part of the world’s largest manufacturing plant.


  • Inefficient Food Delivery
  • Safety Risks Carrying Food and Cargo Between Floors
  • Heavy Load Requirements



  • Efficient Food and Cargo Delivery
  • Safe, Fast Cargo Transport Between Floors
  • Large Load Capacity

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