Industrial Dumbwaiter for Providence Office Park

Counter-loading, 500-lb capacity dumbwaiter... with a strobe light.

Providence Office Park 3

Size: 36” W x 36” D x 48” H; Capacity: 500 lbs.; Counter Loading; Serving 3
Floors Benefits: Convenience/Labor savings Special Features: Strobe lights

Two units were installed at this factory and production was moved throughout the three floors as it progressed through the tiered factory. The unit penetrated a fire rated floor, so it needed to be enclosed in a fire-rated shaft.

Management did not want employees wasting time waiting for the products to arrive on the dumbwaiter but wanted product to be unloaded from the units immediately upon arrival. Matot provided a solution by connecting a series of strobe lights to its standard car arrival light & chime feature. When the dumbwaiter arrived the strobe lights alerted the factory floor to the unit’s arrival, so that employees could respond.

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