Healthcare Dumbwaiter for St. Vincent De Paul

A custom two-story dumbwaiter for this hospital pharmacy.

St. Vincent De Paul

Size: 24” W x 24” D x 24” H; Capacity: 200 lbs.; Counter Loading; Serving 2 Floors
Benefits: Security/Convenience/Labor saving
Special Features: Security card reader

The Matot dumbwaiter installed served a two story hospital pharmacy. The dispensary was on the main floor which was very convenient for outpatients. Space on the main floor was at a premium and security was a concern, so a dumbwaiter was employed in order for the hospital to dispense and deliver meds between the main floor small work station and the second floor where the bulk of the supplies were stored and prepared. Meds were filled and brought down to floor one for pick up. The dumbwaiter doors could only be opened by an authorized operator with a security key card.

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