Medical Center Dumbwaiters

Matot installed four units to move surgical case carts to surgery rooms

Children’s Medical Center of Dallas

Size: 30” W x 42” D x 48” H; Capacity: 500 lbs.; Floor Loading; Serving 3 Floors
Benefits: Sterile/Convenience/Labor savings
Special Features: Power doors that automatically open and close as well as high speed for fast delivery.

Four Matot dumbwaiter units were installed to move surgical case carts from the central sterilization room in the basement to the surgery rooms on the upper floors. Two dumbwaiters were tasked with moving the sterile carts to the surgeries while the other two were tasked with moving the dirty back down. Matot units allowed hospital staff to automatically transport carts between floors directly from sterilization to surgery. The hospital saved labor time moving the carts traveling between floors. The dumbwaiters helped reduce exposure to contamination. If the carts were moved on elevators, they are typically moved through hallways and elevators used for other purposes. Thus the dumbwaiter systems just for carts eliminated all exposure.

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