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The Cost of Dumbwaiters: How to Determine Dumbwaiter Price


Thinking about installing a dumbwaiter in your home or business, but wondering what the cost will be? Keep reading to learn more about how to determine the cost of designing, manufacturing, and installing a dumbwaiter. 

Dumbwaiters can be valuable additions to any home or business, increasing the resale value of residential and commercial properties and dramatically improving personal and organizational efficiency and safety. 

These are essential systems in many residences and commercial buildings and in high demand, but…

How much do dumbwaiters cost?

To understand the cost of a dumbwaiter it is important to understand its ultimate purpose or how it will be used.

A high quality commercial dumbwaiter generally costs between $ 25,000- $45,000 to design, manufacture, and install.  However, that price range can increase if a dumbwaiter requires more advanced features. 

While many dumbwaiter manufacturers will provide a flat rate for their products, smarter buyers understand that many decisions will need to be made in the process (from design to installation) that will impact the final price. 

Here are Some of the Factors That Go Into the Cost of Dumbwaiters:


If a dumbwaiter is going to last and perform as designed through regular use, it’s important to use the best possible materials. At Matot, we use only the highest grade steel, and it is custom fabricated to the exact engineering specifications developed by our team to ensure these systems stand the test of time.  

Dumbwaiter Size

The reason most of our competitors can provide a “flat-rate” for their dumbwaiter products is because their offerings are not unique or customized to your property – they have one solution and one set of specifications regardless of the unique characteristics of your home or property – but your residence or building is likely very unique with specific construction parameters (or building codes) that must be addressed.  

Weight Capacity

While commercial and industrial lifts can move thousands of pounds of materials or products, residential dumbwaiters can be much smaller and designed and engineered to carry less weight (lighter grade steel, more refined actuators, etc.). By knowing how you intend to use your Matot dumbwaiter system and what it will carry, you will have a clear understanding at the outset of the project of the estimated manufacturing and installation costs. 

Travel Distance/Stops

The distance that the dumbwaiter or lift needs to travel is one of the most significant determinants of cost. How many floors will the dumbwaiter need to travel (i.e. distance) and how many stops will it need to make? Are you moving items from the basement to the second floor or from the main floor to the second floor? Answers to these questions (and others) about travel distance and the number of stops for your dumbwaiter are essential.

System Configuration

Unlike many of our competitors, Matot designs, manufactures, and installs custom dumbwaiters and lifts. The more sophisticated the design, the greater the cost. For example, will your dumbwaiter need to open on both sides or just one? What is the optimal depth, width, and length? There are many different possible configurations available for a custom dumbwaiter, and the cost is dependent on the finished design specifications.  

How much will your dumbwaiter cost?

These are just some of the variables that go into a custom dumbwaiter build. If you lack confidence in the bids you have received from other dumbwaiter manufacturers, request a custom quote from Matot – the leader in dumbwaiters and lifts.

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