Matot vs The Competition


Matot has been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing dumbwaiters and lifts for residential and commercial clients for over 130 years. 

In that time, we’ve seen new technologies emerge and old ones fade away. With well over a century of experience, Matot has become the most experienced and respected vendor for commercial lifts and dumbwaiters in the world. With that prominent position in the industry, our competitors look for any opportunity to compare themselves to our company, our process and our products. Inevitably, they fall short. 

As an individual or company seeking out a solution to lift materials and goods in specific environments, from oil rigs to restaurants, you need to compare the available offerings and those vendors capable of delivering on your dumbwaiter or lift plans.

What criteria should be used when selecting the company that will design and manufacture your industrial dumbwaiter or commercial lift?

Learn more about how to select the right partner for your dumbwaiter or lift project.

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