For over 125 years we’ve been designing and custom-building the best dumbwaiters and commercial lifts available. Matot has been moving materials and goods of any size and distance up and down since 1888.

Serving multiple industries in any application or environment, we move your product up and down with ease, efficiency and reliability. Our success is driven by the most advanced lift solution technology available today.

Architects and builders looking for rock solid, cost effective, powerful solutions to moving high volumes from floor to floor have been specifying Matot for decades.

Isn’t it time you started to Think Inside the Box?


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    All of our standard and custom-built dumbwaiters and lift solutions are made with your design and your customer’s lift needs in mind.

    With our Light-DutyMedium-Duty, and Heavy-Duty dumbwaiters, we have all of your lift needs well covered.

    And if it’s Modernization you need for an older lift, we can help you there too.

    Depending on what you need to lift, the size and how far, our custom-designed dumbwaiters can deliver the solution that’s best for you.


What do you need to lift today?

Request a drawing, a quote, or download our Planning Guide

home page laptop1028With the most sophisticated design outputs in the business we can get you the drawings, specs and budgets you need to secure your project and keep it moving ahead.

Our Planning Center has everything from basic dumbwaiter information to final drawings for your builder.

Just ask us how we can help you plan your next project and Think Inside the Box.


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