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Home Dumbwaiters – A Buyer’s Guide


Dumbwaiters offer homeowners an ideal solution for streamlining day-to-day activities (and give your home a unique feature that is sure to get the whole neighborhood talking).

Imagine transporting groceries up to the kitchen without lifting a finger or bringing down a heavy laundry basket from your bedroom to the main floor without straining your back. For residents looking to make daily life easier, many homeowners find that there’s no better investment than a dumbwaiter.

George Lucas certainly understood the value of home dumbwaiters when he consulted Matot for a dumbwaiter installation on his famous Skywalker Ranch (pictured above).

The Benefits of Adding a Dumbwaiter to Your Home

When you think of a traditional dumbwaiter system, you might picture a rickety machine being hand-cranked to its next destination. Fortunately, today’s dumbwaiters are quite different from their earlier counterparts and boast innovative, state-of-the-art features that fit homeowners’ modern needs, like temperature and humidity control.

More Space

On average, dumbwaiters utilize 50%-75% less floor space than elevators. The space-saving benefits allow for more floor space to use in your home.

Day-to-Day Efficiency

Dumbwaiters allow homeowners to quickly and safely move items throughout the house while unattended. With residential dumbwaiters, residents can enjoy more free time by spending less time doing time-consuming tasks around the house.

Increased Home Value

Home dumbwaiters not only promote convenience and safety; they can also increase the resale value of your home. Dumbwaiters offer a cost-friendly solution for homeowners looking for ways to upgrade their homes.

Understanding the Pricing

Historically, residential dumbwaiters were signifiers of wealth. Today, a custom, high-end dumbwaiter is easily attainable, with homeowners having much more control over their price.

One thing to look out for is manufacturers who only offer a flat rate when quoting for build and installation. The problem with a “one size fits all” approach is that everyone’s needs and building codes are unique. Personalized pricing helps ensure that you’re getting the highest quality materials and design possible.

At Matot, our experts will work closely with you to understand how you’ll use your dumbwaiter in the house and consider any other requirements you have that might impact the overall cost.

The best part? If your desired dimensions exceed Matot’s configurations, we will custom engineer any variation at no charge.

The Home Dumbwaiter Installation Process

The process of installing a dumbwaiter consists of ongoing collaboration. We work closely with architects and customers to build the perfect dumbwaiter solution for you.


During the initial phase of the process, the limitations and special requirements are taken into account via creative solutions that consider both form and functionality.


At Matot, our engineers can provide preliminary CAD drawings in 24 hours or less. These dumbwaiter designs are custom-made and meant to showcase the most optimal dumbwaiter solution for your home’s application.

Quality Manufacturing

From cutting and welding through final assembly, each component carefully moves through each stage of manufacturing. During these critical stages, quality assurance is performed, and final checks are conducted before notifying the customer about delivery.


We can collaborate with your preferred subcontractor or recommend a distributor in your area. While we offer free lifetime phone support, the elevator company manages the remaining service and maintenance.

Request a Quote Today

If you’re considering purchasing a residential dumbwaiter, you’ll want to make sure that you’re working alongside an experienced team whose solutions are backed by over a century’s worth of experience.

Contact an expert at Matot to see how we can help you make the most out of your new home.

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