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The James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute


As part of The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, the James is both a nationally ranked academic medical center and a freestanding cancer hospital. Situated on the campus of one of the nation’s largest public universities The James is the largest cancer hospital in the Midwest and the third largest in the nation. A recent expansion completed in 2014 added 420 new beds to expand the availability of high quality healthcare. This expansion will allow The James to meet an expected 21 percent increase in admissions over the next ten years.

Matot was identified early in the design of the new building by HOK Consulting and Turner Construction as a key supplier of cart lift equipment. The Matot cart lifts are the perfect addition to a hospital that was designed on the premise of efficient material flow to better serve its patients. The inclusion of cart lifts, rather than traditional freight elevators, permits the kitchen and nursing staff to remain at their respective workstations while food is transported unaccompanied to a specific floor. Additionally, dirty dishes and food trays can be returned to the kitchen level without risking contamination of the building’s passenger elevators. Although kept busy throughout the entire day, the Matot cart lift equipment runs at a near 100% duty cycle during the busy meal hours at the hospital.

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