Institutional Material Lifts & Dumbwaiters

San Quentin Prison contracted Matot for a highly customized solutions.

San Quentin Prison

Size: 36” W x 42” D x 72” H; Capacity: 1000 lbs.; Floor Loading; Serving 4 Floors
Benefits: Convenience/Labor savings/Security
Special Features: Perforated cab

Matot provided food service in the San Quentin prison. The kitchen was in a centrally located area which served the prisoners in the cafeteria. Many prisoners at San Quentin are in solitary confinement or death row. They are not allowed to leave their cells even for meals. Trustees tasked with food service are carefully watched and have restricted movement. The Matot dumbwaiter was used to move large carts with trays of prepared food to varying areas of the prison. The unit was specially manufactured with perforated cab and gates so that guards could see into the unit to make sure prisoners were not using the material lift to access areas of the prison restricted to them.

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