Deer Path Inn

Matot Dumbwaiter Increases Wait Staff Efficiency at Deer Path Inn

Deer Path Inn

Established in 1929, the Deer Path Inn has been providing premier accommodations in the North Shore area of Chicago for decades. The roots of the Deer Path Inn go all the way back to 1860, providing inexpensive lodging for weary travelers passing through the Chicago area. Built along an old Indian deer path (for which it is named), the Deer Path Inn has built a reputation for hospitality and good food. Recent renovations and modernizations have added to the Inn’s charm.

The hotel restaurant was faced with a few challenges as they sought to modernize the building. With a steep stairway connecting the dining area and the kitchen, carrying trays of food between floors was inefficient and a safety hazard. Matot was able to develop a custom dumbwaiter solution to meet these challenges.

The Matot Model 101 Ambassador Drum Dumbwaiter is 36 inches by 36 inches and has a total load capacity of 500 pounds. With a total travel time of less than nineteen seconds between floors, the Matot dumbwaiter increases the efficiency of the Deer Path Inn waitstaff by allowing them to roll heavy carts of food to the dumbwaiter and shuttle them between floors.


  • Historic Building With Limited Space
  • Inefficient Food Transport
  • Heavy Usage Requiring Sturdy Construction


  • Custom Design Saves Space
  • Efficient Food Transport With Carts
  • Sturdy Construction That Will Last The Life Of The Building

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