Continuing Education

Continuing Education

Matot offers AIA Continuing Education Presentations in a “Lunch & Learn” format at your facility.

Presentation: Vertical Material Handling Systems & Methods

1 LU Hour Credit, towards Health Safety Welfare

Matot, Inc. offers our 50 minute presentation featuring a speaker with over 30 years experience in vertical material handling sales engineering, as well as 4 animated videos designed to show the equipment as your client sees it.

“Vertical Material Handling Systems & Methods” explores the various types of vertical material handling systems that are available; what kind of end users and buildings reap the most benefits; and the wide range of objects that are transported vertically, between the floors of any structure. Matot will also identify and focus on important design and planning criteria to guide architects to the most appropriate equipment for the application. Lastly, we will discuss national code applications for these products. We invite questions anytime during the talk and will also respond to inquiries at the end.

Through this presentation, you will acquire an understanding of the efficiency, safety and cost reduction benefits gained by your clients through the use of vertical material handling systems.

All AIA registered architects will receive 1 LU credit towards HSW.   Certificates are also provided.

Please contact Jonathan Halcomb at 708.689.7309, or Clara Carrillo at 866.610.8227, ext. 211, to set up a “Lunch and Learn”.