Dumbwaiter Repair & Maintenance – The Basics


Even the most sophisticated, highly-engineered, and well-designed dumbwaiters can break down (often the result of misuse). If that happens to you, and you have a Matot dumbwaiter, there are a few things that you’ll need to know to get your system back up and running quickly. 

Where should you begin? 

Diagnostic Evaluation

Why is your dumbwaiter making that sound? Why is it running so slowly? Determining the reason that your lift system is not working in your home or business is the first step in determining how to return it to its normal high-functioning state as soon as possible.

Dumbwaiter Repair

Dumbwaiter and lifts are essential parts of homes and businesses and downtime means a lack of efficiency. With parts always in stock and a team dedicated to ensuring that Matot lives up to its tagline of “Timeless Functionality” you can rest assured that your dumbwaiter or lift system will be back in action in no time at all. 

Dumbwaiter Maintenance

While repairing a Matot dumbwaiter with custom Matot parts will get your system back up and running as designed, a regular maintenance plan can ensure it keeps operating when needed. 
Matot recommends, at the minimum, a quarterly maintenance contract with the installation company or another qualified local maintenance provider. The same providers should be used for required repairs. Matot can recommend local providers of maintenance and / or repairs.

Matot Dumbwaiter RepairNeed Support? Get in Touch with Matot. 

Does your dumbwaiter need maintenance or repair? Consult a Matot representative to learn more about our expertise in modernizing and renovating any operating or non-operating dumbwaiter and the lift and dumbwaiter parts we carry to ensure that your property or facility operates at peak efficiency.


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