Dumbwaiter Installation: The Basics 


The first step in the installation is creating a shaft (a vertical tunnel) for the dumbwaiter to move. Once the shaft is designed and built by an architect or engineer, the installation process can begin. 

Create the Dumbwaiter Shaft

Diagram of a dumbwaiter lift system, featuring the shaft.


The next step is to install the guide rail and machine. The machine assembly is responsible for raising and lowering the dumbwaiter.       Machines are most often located at the top of the shaft within the guide rail system.

Install the Rail/Machine


Once the guide rail and machine are in place, the dumbwaiter car can be installed within the hoistway.           A car gate will then be mounted to the car to keep items secure.

Install the Dumbwaiter Car


Once the work inside the hoistway is complete, door installation can begin.       Each floor will have a door installed to provide access to the dumbwaiter.  

Install the Doors


Next, the dumbwaiter controller can be installed and is ready to power the dumbwaiter.     The controller will require appropriate power from the building to run correctly.

Controller  and Power

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