In the healthcare industry the installation of dumbwaiters provides security, a sterile environment, and superior labor and space savings. Dumbwaiters are particularly effective vs. elevators given they will keep critical items secure, contained, efficiently moved, and void of contamination and risk to others.

Dumbwaiters transport a range of items and provide superior efficiencies including movement of medical specimens, pharmacy medications, carts, laundry, equipment such as oxygen tanks, and food services.

LIGHT Duty Dumbwaiter Project

Project: St. Vincent De Paul, Location Baton Rouge, LA
Size: 24” W x 24” D x 24” H; Capacity: 200 lbs.; Counter Loading; Serving 2 Floors
Benefits: Security/Convenience/Labor saving
Special Features: Security card reader

healthcare lightThe Matot dumbwaiter installed served a two story hospital pharmacy. The dispensary was on the main floor which was very convenient for outpatients.  Space on the main floor was at a premium and security was a concern. So a dumbwaiter was employed so the hospital could dispense and deliver meds between the main floor small work station and the second floor where the bulk of the supplies were stored and prepared. Meds were filled and brought down to floor one for pick up.  The dumbwaiter doors could only be opened by an authorized operator with a security key card.

MEDIUM Duty Dumbwaiter Project

Project: Children’s Medical Center of Dallas
Size: 30” W x 42” D x 48” H; Capacity: 500 lbs.; Floor Loading; Serving 3 Floors
Benefits: Sterile/Convenience/Labor savings
Special Features: Power doors that automatically open and close as well as high speed for fast delivery.

healthchare medium 1Four Matot dumbwaiter units were installed to move surgical case carts from the central sterilization room in the basement to the surgery rooms on the upper floors. Two dumbwaiters were tasked with moving the sterile carts to the surgeries while the other two were tasked with moving the dirty back down. Matot units allowed hospital staff to automatically transport carts between floors directly from sterilization to surgery. The hospital saved labor time moving the carts traveling between floors. The dumbwaiters helped reduce exposure to contamination. If the carts were moved on elevators, they are typically moved through hallways and elevators used for other purposes. Thus the dumbwaiter systems just for carts eliminated all exposure.

MEDIUM Duty Dumbwaiter Project

Project Centre Hospitalier de L’Univeriste de Montreal, Montreal, Quebec Canada
Size: 24” W x 28” D x 48” H; Capacity: 500 lbs.; Counter Loading; Serving 17 Floors
Benefits: Sterile/Convenience/Labor savings/Patient Needs
Special Features: Power doors that automatically open and close. Also an automatic transfer system that load and unload cafeteria trays on and off the dumbwaiter, at high speed for fast delivery.

healthcare medium 2The hospital required three 17-stop automatic transfer units to deliver special meals throughout the hospital.  The dumbwaiters are part of a new patient oriented food delivery system designed to better accommodate patient needs.  In the past hospital food was made in mass with limited food choices and pre scheduled food delivery.  The hospital staff realized that patients’ needs did not always coincide with the scheduled meal plan or delivery time.  Patients just getting out of surgery, after having fasted prior to surgery, often had to wait for the next available scheduled meal delivery.  These units allow a freshly prepared diet-specific meal to be delivered immediately after surgery. No longer will a post-op patient hear a nurse say “I’ll try to find you some juice and crackers”. The Matot dumbwaiter system allowed a light energy-fortified meal to be delivered on demand.

HEAVY Duty Material Lift Project

Project:  Alexian Brothers Medical Center, Elk Grove Village, IL.
Size: 34” W x 66” D x 70” H; Capacity: 1000lbs.; Floor Loading; Serving 2 Floors
Benefits: Streamlining vertical logistics between new and existing buildings.

healthcare heavyThe units were intended to move large items from the loading dock to and between two hospital wings, moving items such as oxygen tanks, and medical equipment. The dumbwaiter units Matot designed had openings that were front, rear and front to accommodate the floors of the new wing addition not lining up. The lowest landing served the dock under the west wing; rear entrance served the new east wing addition which was 5’ higher; and the upper entrance served the first floor.

Matot was able to value-engineer the unit cost down almost 20%, while reducing the area foot print by almost 50%. How? The original design required the largest unit Matot could manufacture at 60” W x 96” D x 96” H with a 2500 lb. capacity. The architect briefing with Matot sales allowed us to determine that a considerably smaller unit size of 48” W x 60” D x 72” H and only a 2000 lb capacity could work.


Project VA Hospital Little Rock
Special Features: Power doors that automatically open/close and ejects or take in a cart, with automatic cart transfer.

healthcare modThe VA hospital had dumbwaiters with automatic cart transfer systems installed in the early 80’s. With changed logistics and hospital needs Matot proposed modernizing the units. One floor was eliminated while another floor above was added to meet new material flow needs. The cars and doors were replaced, and the motor and controllers upgraded with new high efficiency energy saving equipment.

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