Explosion Proof / Hazardous

Explosion Proof / Hazardous


The transport of hazardous contents and requirement of explosion proof movement is a special application for dumbwaiters. Climate control, electrical systems, contamination, and mechanical engineering are all considerations across a range of industries. Safety and security are critical while also providing labor savings and other efficiencies with Matot dumbwaiters.

MEDIUM Duty Dumbwaiter Project

Project: DeBeers Diamond Mine, Canada
Size: 23” W x 25” D x 30” H; Capacity: 250 lbs.; Counter Loading; Serving 3 Floors
Benefits: Extreme Cold functionality
Special Features: Sub-zero temperature rated

explosion mediumFour units were manufactured for harsh weather conditions and utilized by DeBeers at an on-site mine in the Northern Territory of Canada. The dumbwaiters were subjected to sub-zero temperatures. The electrical and mechanical components were specially engineered to endure the conditions.

In addition, the units were manufactured on a very compressed and time sensitive schedule. The units needed to arrive in Northern Canada before the spring thaw as the only way to transport them to the mine was by ice road.

HEAVY Duty Material Lift Project

Project: Intel of Chandler AZ
Size: 48” W x 76” D x 70” H; Capacity: 1300 lbs.; Floor Loading; Serving 4 Floors
Benefits: Clean Room
Special Features: Liquid Containment drip pan, corrosion proof mechanicals and explosion proof electrical system

explosion heavyThis material lift was installed in an Intel plant and tasked with moving volatile chemicals throughout the plant. The bottom of the cab is equipped with a perforated and removable drip pan to collect any accidental spills from the chemical payload. The spillage can be contained and collected for safe removal.

The unit is specially manufactured with its mechanical parts made or painted from chemical resistant equipment designed to last the lifetime of the unit despite its exposure to volatile chemical vapors. The unit is equipped with a specialized electrical system that prevents the explosive chemical vapors from contact with the electrical system that could ignite the vapors, exposing the plant to an explosion.

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