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In 1888, a master carpenter named Duffy Matot founded Matot, Inc. on the north side of Chicago. Duffy’s vision was to provide refrigeration equipment and functional dumbwaiters to the many taverns and shops throughout the area. As the years passed, Matot grew along with the city, meeting the demands of the rapidly burgeoning population and productivity.

Duffy’s growing company weathered the great Depression and performed Department of Defense work during the two world wars. After World War II, the company began to shift its manufacturing and sales emphasis to electric dumbwaiters and other types of vertical material handling equipment.

Matot counts Otis, Dover, Montgomery, Westinghouse and Schindler among its early elevator industry clients. Today, these corporations continue to be loyal customers.

In the early eighties, Matot began manufacturing residential elevators. The new product line proved to be a major success and Matot entered into a manufacturing alliance with another family business — American Crescent — to increase manufacturing capacity, reduce lead times and provide a higher quality home elevator at a lower price.

Matot marked its 120th year by purchasing the assets of Atlas Elevator Company. This united the two leading producers of commercial dumbwaiters in North America, providing multiple industries a more robust offering of customized, superior dumbwaiters and lift solutions.

Duffy Matot

Duffy Matot


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Matot serves a broad range of industries with our extensive product line. We have varying types of dumbwaiters for all industries to serve all your needs.

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